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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When are the meetings?

Q: Who can attend?

A: The second Thursday of every month.

A:  Any parent who has a child registered with the Schererville Soccer Club.


Q: When are Spring practices?

A: The period when practices for the Soccer Club begin will be listed on the home page. Individual practice schedules will be passed along by the Coaches when they contact their players with Team Info, Practices/Games times/dates during the two week period before the season starts. Practices begin 2 weeks before the first game, weather permitting. Practice is held twice a week in the evening between 4-7:45pm (the last practice ends at 7:45pm). The exact weekdays and times for each player will be determined as the teams are created and assigned to the coaches. This is typically completed no later than two weeks prior to the season start. Practices are 45 to 75min long depending on the age group. Youngest practice the shortest time.

Q: When are the games?

A: Games are held on Saturdays throughout the season for all in-house(outdoor) games. The times for the games will also be determined when teams are being created and the information will be passed on to the players/family typically a few weeks before the season start. Games are 1 hour long.

Q. What size ball does my child need?
 A: Size 3-for ages 8 and under
     Size 4-for ages 8-12 
     Size 5-for ages 12 and older, including all adult play

Q: What gear does my child need?
A: The Spring In-House registration fee includes Home and Away game jerseys, Shorts and Socks. The player is responsible for a ball (see sizing above), soccer cleats, shin guards (must be worn under socks).

Q: When does the Spring/Fall Season start and end?

A: Season Dates are listed on the  HOME PAGE.
*NOTE: Because the Spring/Fall seasons are played outdoors, we may need to change the Season Start/End or Special event dates due to the weather.

Q: Where are practices and games held?

A: In-House (Outdoor)
    U6 Practice-Stephan Park / Games-Stephen Park
    U8 Practice-Stephan Park / Games-Stephen Park
    U10 Practice-Stephan Park / Games-Stephen Park
    U12 Practice-Stephen Park / Games-Stephen Park & Dyer-Central Park
    U14 Practice-Gates St.John / Games-Rohrman Park
    U18 Practice-Plum Creek / Games-Plum Creek Park
    U08 Practice-Rohrman Park
    U10 Practice-Rohrman Park
    U12 Practice-Rohrman Park
    U14 Practice-Rohrman Park/Gates of St. John.

Stephen Park (7600 Lincolnwood Ave., Schererville, Indiana)
Rohrman Park (6750 Rohrman Road, Crown Point, Indiana)
Plum Creek Park (300 Plum Creek Drive, Schererville, Indiana)
Gates of St. John ( between Joliet -101st. and 109th ave., Saint John, Indiana)
Dyer-Central Park (just South of E. 213th St. on East side of Calumet Ave) 


Use these charts to select your child's Uniform Size

Shoe  Size
Sock Size
8 - 12.5
Adult (9-15) 
4.5 - 7.5
 Junior (8.5-11)
12.5 - 4
Youth (7-8.5)



 Youth   22"/24"
 26"/28" 28"/30"


 X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
 Adult  -----  38"/40" 42"/44" 46"/48"
 Youth 4/5 (22"/24")
6/8 (28"/30")
10/12 (32"/34") 14/16 (34"/36") ------


Q: Is my child old enough for Outdoor Soccer?
A: Your childs birth month/year must fall within the chart below.

98 99 00 01
02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6  
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6
August U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6

September U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6

October U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6

November U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6

December U18 U18 U18 U18 U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10 U8 U8 U6 U6

 Q: Is my child old enough for Travel Soccer?
A: Your childs birth month/year must fall within the chart below.

01 02 03 04 05 06
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
August U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8  U8

September U14
U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8  U8

October U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8  U8

November U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8 U8
December U14 U14 U12 U12 U10 U10  U8  U8

Q: How much is the In-House (Outdoor) Registration fee?

    Early Registration $85.00
    Normal Registration $95.00
    Late Registration $105.00
    (Applies to Spring or Fall)

Q: What does the In-House (Outdoor) Registration fee include?

A: Spring Registration fee includes a team jersey, Soccer Shorts and Socks.
     Shin guards, Soccer Cleats and Soccer Ball can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods.
     *Note: Soccer Cleats do not have a cleat under the front of the shoe by the toes.
     *Ball size for your child can be found further up in the Practices/Games area.

Q: How much is the Travel Registration fee?

A: Travel Registration fee is $105.00 wo/UNIFORM, $156.00 w/UNIFORM

Q: Can I register if I don't live in Schererville?

A: Anyone can register. The Schererville Soccer Club does not have any residency restrictions or out-of-district fees.

Q: I have a Special Request. Where do I notify the club about it?
A: When registering your child for soccer you will see a white box on the last page asking about Special Requests. Here you can indicate that you would prefer certain practice times/days, coaches, playing on the same team as a friend, etc.  We will make every attempt possible to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee that it can be done.

* If you already registered but forgot to add your request, you can go back into your account and add the request by following the steps below.

Click on  “My Account”

Then click on the edit icon (highlighted yellow in the screen shot below):


Then scroll down to the “Special Requests/Comments” box (only visible for registered players ).
  It’s just above the Jersey – Size:

Q: I missed the registration deadline, can you make an exception?
A: We want all kids to be able to play soccer, but we have to work on a tight schedule. Teams must be created, Rosters built, Practices scheduled, Games scheduled AND Uniforms have a long lead time so they must be ordered weeks before a season begins.  Any addition after the Teams are built requires moving players to balance teams and delays the ordering of jerseys. Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Moms must also be found. We are a club of Volunteers and we are always in need of Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Moms. Without enough Volunteers some teams would be overfilled and then the playing time per child would need to be reduced so that each child would get a turn playing in a game.

Q: I made a Special Request. Why wasn't I accommodated?
A: We try to accommodate all requests for placing siblings together, putting friends together for car-pooling reasons, scheduling practices at a certain time to fit with work or school schedules, but we are limited to the number of special requests that can be met. We have between 500-700 kids per season with Special Requests from over 75% of them. We simply cannot accommodate all of them. 

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The last day for refunds is 11:59PM Wednesday July 15th. After that time, a credit for a future registration may be given on a case by case basis. All refunds/credits requested will be less a $10 processing fee. No exceptions.

Q: The site says there are no available programs for my child - what do I do now?
A: This means that registration has closed or that your son/daughter is not eligible to participate based on birth date or gender requirements set by the organization.
This will also happen if your cart has a program in it from a previous attempt. You can look at your account page and check the Cart to see if there are any items in it. (see image)

Note: Sometimes this will happen if the child's birth date is set incorrectly. You can check this by going to your account screen by clicking on My Account and then clicking on Edit Player Info next to your child's name. (See "How can I edit any of my account or participant information?")

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